NetLabeler FAQ


What is NetLabeler?

NetLabeler is a labeling program for Machine Learning applications. It allows you to capture or "label" information from web pages (hence "NetLabeler").


What do I get with a subscription to NetLabeler?

Your subscription provides you with a certain number of administrative and labeler accounts. You can make as many projects as you like. Support is inluded, and since NetLabeler is cloud based, you will immdeiately receive all improvements and upgrades.


Can I specify what information is captured from a given url?

Yes. NetLabeler supports an extensible schema where you can define what information you want to capture including:

  • Text Fields
  • Text Areas
  • Yes / No Blocks


Can I crowd source the training for a Machine Learning application?

Yes. This is the canonical application for NetLabeler. Your subscription includes a certain number of accounts for labelers. You can send them invitations to create accounts and they will help you label your data.


What Features Does NetLabeler Have?

Your subscription to NetLabeler includes full support for:

  • Extensible schema
  • Multiple data types
  • Data Capture
  • Output of captured data to CSV and JSON formats


What is a project?

A project is the overall "think" which you are labeling data for.

What is a labeler?

A labeler is the person who labels data for your project.

What is an onboarding page?

An onboarding page is the training information shown to a labeler before they start labeling data for your project. Any project can have zero, one or N onboarding pages.

I need to pay people per data captured; do you support payment?

Currently NetLabeler reports the number of URLs your labelers complete. Payment is up to you. In a future release we will support direct payments to labelers.


Can I make suggestions for improvements?

Please do! We love to hear your ideas. Send your ideas to fuzzygroup+netlabeler [at]

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