Thank You

Just as no man is an island, no product is ever created in a vacuum. NetLabeler was created in no large part by inspiration from lots and lots of people. Credits in no particular order save the weird brain inspiration as things came to me; no one should feel slighted by the order.


  • Shelley Johnson, Alex Johnson, Max Johnson, Addison Harper - my wife and family. All of you tolerated this effort and supported me. Thank you my Famlit!
  • Lisa Meece - You were a wonderful brain to bounce things off of as this achieved maturity
  • Dave Sifry - To me you are the epitome of Silicon Valley and watching you as I worked on this has been inspirational
  • Geist Coffee Company - I wrote more of this here than anywhere other than my home office. Your Iced Peach Green Tea was sublime. Appreciated.


Elaine has some shoutouts as well.

  • John Ho - Your mentorship at FDA was invaluable, as was your advice to leave at the right time.
  • Helena Sviglin - We goddesses gotta stick together, right?
  • Scott Johnson - A shoutout to a partner is a little unusual but you are truly awesome to work with.
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